2024 Biennium Continuing Education frequently asked questions

The Florida Board of Chiropractic voted to permanently keep the changes made to Continuing Education statute 64B2-13.004 to provide additional resources to obtain the required CE hours for licensing renewal for the upcoming biennium.

Q: What is the date for the next license biennium renewal?

A: The next biennium renewal began April 1, 2022 and it expires March 31, 2024. You must complete 40 hours of CE and renew your license by March 31, 2024. (THOSE WHO DO NOT PAY BY MARCH 31, WILL INQUIRE A LATE FEE)

Q: Can I attend in person CE conferences?

A: Yes, the FCS is offering in person conferences throughout the state. Visit our website under EVENTS for a schedule of conferences.

Q: How else can I obtain my 40 hours for this license renewal that is not in person?

A: You have additional ways to obtain your 40 hours for renewal before March 31, 2024. 1. You may do ONLINE ON DEMAND visit to register and take your courses. 2. You may do LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE, register at under events and choose your choice of live conference from home.

Q: What does ONLINE ON DEMAND mean?

A: ONLINE ON DEMAND: Means you can take all your 40 hours on your own time from any desktop, laptop, or device containing a webcam and proper internet service. You will be directed to watch a presentation, answer a series of challenge questions to assess mastery of the material presented. Once you have completed the time required and the assessment required, you will be given a certificate of completion and your earned credits will be reported to CE Broker by the FCS. You may NOT take the same course more than once per biennium when using ONLINE ON DEMAND. Our online platform is:


A: LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE: means you may join via a virtual platform any of our IN-PERSON CE conferences from your home. Visit our website and choose any of our scheduled in person CE events. You MUST register as a VIRTUAL ONLINE attendee in order to be routed to the virtual platform on the event day. This option is considered to be an in-person attendance.

Q: What are the FCS requirements for attending a LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE conference?

A: Any DC or CCPA choosing this option must be logged in during the entire time the in-person CE conference is on depending on the number of hours you choose to register for. You MUST use a desktop or laptop with webcam availability. Your camera MUST always be turned on and our moderator MUST be able to see you during the time our in-person CE class is on. Attendance will be recorded by our platform and as stated by the board during an in-person class, your clock will be stopped if our moderator cannot see you or you step away from the camera during an active class. You will be directed to show your ID at the beginning of each class as a way taking attendance.

You will have 3 choices of attendance using this method: Once you register and choose an option, you may not cancel or choose a different option.

* Full 20 hours

* 13 hours of required courses (FL. Laws and Rules(2 hrs.), Record Keeping & Coding(6 hrs.), Medical Errors(2 hrs.), Ethics(2 hrs.), Risk Management(1 hr.).

* 7 hours of general courses

Q: Can 2 people take the class at the same time from the same computer using ONLINE ON DEMAND or LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE?

A: NO, whether you choose ONLINE ON DEMAND or LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE, everyone MUST register separately and watch separately to earn credit. Only the registered licensee under a state issued license number, will earn credits.

Q: Can CCPA earn their 24 per biennium credits under this new ruling?

A: YES, CCPAs may earn the same qualifying credits using our ONLINE ON DEMAND or LIVE/VIRTUAL SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE platforms. They must register individually from their DC and follow the same rules.

Date Posted: September 2, 2020