Florida Board of Chiropractic & C.E. Information

Quick Glance Regarding Florida C.E.

IMPORTANT for Florida Chiropractors certified in Acupuncture: 

First Year Florida DCs:

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

*All courses are to be completed by live classroom

First Biennium Renewal:

Chiropractic Physicians are required to attend one (1) full day at a Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine meeting within the first 12 months of licensure. 

Licensees who reside out of the state may satisfy this requirement within (12) months after locating to the State of Florida. 

Chiropractic Physicians initially licensed in the biennium and renewing a license for the first time are required to complete the following: 

C.E. Reporting Information

Board Rule Approved Providers

All courses must be Board approved and are listed in CEBroker

Other Methods of Obtaining Continuing Education per Biennium

Please see Rule 64B2-13.004, Florida Administrative Code for detailed information regarding the below methods of obtaining continuing education. 

Helpful Information

For Chiropractic Physicians with Acupuncture Certification-4 hours in Acupuncture CE, 2 hours in the area of safety and risk management and 2 hours in the area of technique are required. These 4 hours shall be obtained as part of the 40 hours required in each licensure biennium. 

If you do not wish to maintain your certification, you may submit a request in writing to have it removed from your license: 

info@floridaschiropracticmedicine.gov or mail to: Board of Chiropractic Medicine 4052 Blad Cypress Way, BIN C-07 Tallahassee, FL 32399 

All courses are to be completed by live classroom Courses must be 1 hour in length